Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010. Hello 2011 !

It has been a good year.  I am ready to tackle another one.  I wonder what next year will bring?!  Be sure to check it out on my new blog:

See you next year!

Home Improvement projects 2010

New Garage Doors (still need to be painted)

New Refrigerator

Tree Removal

Christmas 2010 Highlights

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gullivers Travels PG

We took the troops to see Gullivers Travels last night for a belated FHE.  Oats thought it was horribly boring, Bobo thought it was okay, the three other girls liked it and I thought it was hilarious!  There were a couple of funny scenes where I laughed so hard I thought I would lose my breath.  It was a little emarassing because I think I was the only one in the theater who thought the movie was as funny as I thought it was.  I really really enjoyed it.  I wouldn't give it a super high rating though, because it was a kid movie and definitely movie fluff but it was great for a laugh.

We have been enjoying our winter break.  At least I have.  This past week I have been super busy cleaning and organizing anything I could get my hands on.  Our house is just about spic and span.  I am not sure it is impossible to get my kitchen or upstairs bathrooms impeccably clean because of the condition of the wood work in the those rooms.  I will scrub down the cupboards only to peer at them when they are dry and see that all the old dirt is there.  Things just don't come as clean when the finish has worn off.  That is the case with the tub and and shower as well.  Have I also mentioned I HATE grout.  It stains so easily and is hard to keep clean.  I know tile looks beautiful and modern but it is a pain in the rumpus to keep clean.

We had a really nice Christmas.  The kids actually loved the one present method we used this year.  We gave them a monetary limit and said they could choose one gift up to that amount that they wanted for Christmas.  It simplified it so much and the kids really had to think about what they really wanted/needed.  They realized that they didn't need or want all that much.  They happily exclaimed their joy over their gifts on Christmas morning and said how much they liked a simple Christmas. 

Christmas was much more low key at Grandma and Grandpa Shane's house as well.  Mom had really pared down on the gifts and we had the kids open gifts Christmas Eve and the adults opened them the following afternoon on Christmas.  My dad suprised us with hand written envelopes filled with Christmas money that was so very needed by some of my siblings.  The Christmas dinner was yummy and we all just enjoyed ourselves.  I have even worked out a mutually pleasing deal with my mom where she does all the cooking and I handle all of the clean up.  I don't mind cleaning and she doesn't mind cooking.

I will be finishing up the preparation for the new year in Primary singing time today and tomorrow.  I am excited to teach and learn new songs.  I fought ovewhelming nervousness the first 3 times but I think I am settling into the job now.

My next big blog project will be to upload all of the Chistmas photos we took.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fa La La La La....La La, La, La

Yesterday was our 10th annual family caroling FHE activity.  This year I didn't feel like making a million different treats so I only made one type.  I think I will stick with this format.  It is so weird but when my kids were little I seemed to have so much more time to do stuff.  The older they become the more busy I become and the less I seem to get done.  I made peanut butter/chocolate bars this year.  We all kind of dread this activity each year but then when we do it we have fun.  There are so many things like that in life.  This was the first year Oats didn't come as he came down with a horrible cold and was sick in bed and sleeping all day yesterday.  It was also a first that Miso did all the driving.  Of the 6 homes that we went to 5 families were home.  We sang Joy to the World and ended with a rousing rendition of We wish you a merry Christmas.  We even did some harmonizing with Joy to the world as Miso can sing Bass and Bobo can sing alto.  Pretty snazzy.  Most people seemed to love our songs and treats but at one house we got an odd reception.  The families teenage son came to the door with his mouth foaming with toothpaste and a toothbrush sticking out.  He greeted our singing with a smirk and then in ran his 4 year old brother covering his ears.  We had a hard time continuing to sing after that but it all turned out good.  Another fun tradition carried out.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One happy dog!

The girls played with Cooper for a long time and he is thrilled at all the attention!

Death to a Gingerbread House

We couldn't wait until Christmas.....

Away in the Manger....

Monday Night our friends and neighbors and ward members invited us to a live nativity at their house.  The had also invited various other neighbors none of who were church members to be a part of it.  The children dressed up in costumes and they had an outdoor fire burning and the play was acted out under the moon in their little pony pasture.  It was really cute.  Cold, but cute.  The three atheists stayed inside but allowed their children to act in the play.  We sang some carols and then had treats.

A play and then a Choir recital

Zoo was in the play Peter Pan and did fantastic! She was a character who provided comic relief.  After the play we went home briefly and then returned for the School Choir recital that Zoo was also in.  It was a busy but enjoyable evening. 

Ward Christmas Party

I hate large social events but I decided to go the ward Christmas party this year.  I think it was the best one yet.  They had Costco ham which is delicious and people brought delicious potato side dishes and beans.  They had Santa come and pay the kids a visit and they even had some musical numbers.  Mony played her Cello and Oats and Bobo played a fantastic piano duet.  It was a lot of fun.